Official taxi fares of City Taxi Fuvarszervező Szövetkezet.
Valid from 1st of july 2018.

According to the regulation of Budapest City Council nr. 31/2013. IV.18. the fixed taxi fares are:
Base fare:    700 HUF
Kilometre-based fare:    300 HUF/km
Time-based fare:    75 HUF/minute

The fixed fare is set in every taxameter as Nr. 1 tariff.

Starting the taxameter:
  • In case of pre-order: in the given time
  • in case of prompt order: in the given pick-up time by the service provider

In case of name board waiting at the airport the taxi driver will show up 10 minutes after the exact arrival time of the airplane. Cost of name board waiting: 0 HUF Parking fee: 0 HUF. The taxi driver will charge the time-based fare until the passenger meets the driver. In case of „no show” the client must pay for the waiting costs.

According to the regulation of Budapest City Council (nr. 51/2013) extra charges can not be applied.

Rural fares:

The fare from the border of Budapest is 300 HUF / km ( Tariff nr.1)
In case of Hungaroring transportation outside the border of Budapest the fare is 600 HUF/km (Tariff nr.3)
All City Taxi have motorway vignette can be used in Pest County.
In case the passenger wants to travel using the motorway out of the border of Pest County the passenger must purchase a vignette for the taxi cab at the beginning of the travel.
Rural fares offered to passangers include the return fee.

All prices in HUF (gross).



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