We can send taxis
- to territory of Budapest within 5-10 minutes (except rush-hour traffic)
- to Budaörs within 5-10 minutes
- to towns / villages near Budapest within 20-25 minutes

We ensure a code number for our corporate partners, with its use order recording can be quicker and much easier.

In 1995, City Taxi was the first company to classify its vehicle pool into categories. As a result of this, now we can supply quality cars from a very wide selection taking into account the customer requirements, together with drivers with foreign language skills and excellent physical appearance, for the standard tariffs specified in the proposal. 100% of our drivers have credit card acceptance-able set.

City Taxi uses the following vehicle categories:

Category I: large, comfortable cars
Category II: upper medium category cars

We ensure our service with „A” signification (means elegant driver) in both categories. During work jeans clothing is unaccepted.

By now we can declare that our vehicle pool meets the requirements of our quality clients, because 80% of the cars fall in category I, 20 % belong to category II. Only vehicles with spotless exterior and interior can be operated at City Taxi.


Minden jog fenntartva @ 1983-2013