City Taxi uses the following vehicle categories:

Category I:  large, comfortable cars

Category II:  upper-medium category cars

In both categories "A"; sign means elegant (shirt and tie) appearance.

During work farmer clothing is not accepted.

By now we can declare that our vehicle pool meets the requirements of our quality clients, because 80% of the cars fall in category I, 20% belong to category II.

Only vehicles with spotless exterior and interior can be operated at City Taxi. The members of the Ethic Commitee regularly check this requirement. In addition, we organise a vehicle inspection once a year, during which we thoroughly reviev the technical conditions of the vehicle pool. New taxi drivers are accepted on the basis of a waiting list system. In each case, we select the drivers who have been employed by a taxi company for at least two years, possess at least basic-level foreign language skills and have successfully passed an exam in city orientation. A further requirement is that their history and personal data should all be suitable for verification.


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